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An explosion of shapes and colors to celebrate the activity of a great artist

Paolo da San Lorenzo is and always has been an eclectic artist. His artistic life began first as a writer and poet, has found its ultimate expression in painting, creative synthesis of all his inner world. Gave vent to his creativity through creations, often provocative that exude moods of being restless, irreverent and disinclined to accept the gray day. A man always in search of an impact with his life, it touches you, always renew in him that ‘enthusiasm has been and is the source of inspiration: painting. Art is not limited to the creation of a few repetitive patterns, but it moves and is constantly renewed. Use of color, lying apparently chaotic and random, gave birth to many cycles of paintings.

When the performances to dominate the picture is rather than color, often puts the center of his work what he sees as the engine of the world: women. But even that does so in a quite bizarre and original repository of all evil and the good of the world. He distorts reality with an exaggerated representation of a female universe of images shocking faces sweet but more often hieratic, small heads, mouths True, long necks, huge breasts.

Exaggerated depictions?

Desire to impress, or part of a living?

Maybe both. But it is certain that an artist so instinctive and straightforward as Paul from San Lorenzo, whether figurative or informal picture, both in the sign of color, always send pieces of itself, its emotions and its contradictions.

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Paolo da San Lorenzo was born in 1935 in San Lorenzo in Campo, in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, Italy, and after an international education, he returned to the country of his birth. Following early joint exhibitions in several Italian cities, he moved to Paris and started his artistic journey in the era of Post-Cubism. In 1962 He returned to Italy, where he continued to make himself known through his personal exhibitions in various cities in Italy. In 1986 he again exhibited abroad, and represented by Galleria Palma Arte, his work was shown in Tahiti, Australia, and several European cities including Stockholm, Nice, Paris, Dijon and Rouen. In 1995 he received the Art and Works lifetime achievement award, and since 1998 he has been included in the Acca in Arte Yearbook.
He reached another milestone in 2001 when with the collaboration of the A. A. I. Gallery in Vienna he took part in over 200 art fairs and exhibitions, both personal and joint. In May 2008 his work was shown in the Moya Museum of Modern Art in Vienna.
In April 2010 he was welcomed at the China World Trade Centre Exhibition in Peking, and at the Exhibition Hall in Beijing.
paolo da san lorenzo
paolo da san lorenzo
Paolo Da San Lorenzo
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